Permanent Loss

I was reminded today of the tearing apart of a mother’s heart, when she loses a child.

I shared this with a friend who was asking for prayers and thoughtfulness for someone who just joined this very peculiar club of mothers I belong to.  We have battle scars in our hearts that will never go away and which we wear with love and sweet memory for the lives we carried and had to, powerlessly, release, when our children were no longer meant to live here on this earth with us.

Here was my prayer for her and for all of us who will never permanently leave this place, even as we learn how to smile again, as the years go on…

“I hope she is allowed the proper space and time she needs to grieve, even if it takes forever. I also pray for protection from well meaning people who hurt with words that are meant to help. I pray they are empathetic, courageous and strong to just stand by her quietly and just listen. I pray they are kind and vulnerable enough to cry with her, even if they can never and hope they don’t ever have to understand our pain.”

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