Our Doors Are Closed to Group Classes.  But You Too Can Access Our Musical Movement & Fitness Program Prenatal through Early Childhood Via a Beautiful Gift Package.  

Here’s Our History & What People Have Been Saying About What They’ve Learned with Us…

Through 3 pregnancies, including twins, it was my safe me place… Just me and my babies in peace without the rest of the world pressing in! Loved the space Michelle Inciong Wenis created!

– Freya

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“We absolutely felt that there were benefits to taking the classes. I think the most helpful piece is now having the knowledge to recognize the signs and stages of labor as well as the importance of staying calm and relaxed throughout the whole process. Before the classes, I had little to no understanding of what to expect in labor and delivery and feel I have a much better grasp on what may happen and what is potentially beneficial for me. Initially, we felt that we wanted to do the class in person, however after doing just the first class online we were surprised by how happy we were with the virtual option. It was so nice to be able to do it from home, in pajamas, without having to worry about weather conditions or travel time. It was significantly more convenient for us. After our baby’s birth, I would be most interested in participating in a mommy & me class led by you. – A&P”

 HANDS DOWN BEST MOMMY & BABY PROGRAM EVER!!!  C and I enjoyed ourselves so much… you rock Michelle Inciong Wenis!!!”

– Emanuela






“I am a nurse and I thank God I took these classes!  I thought I knew all I needed to know a1bout  pregnancy and birth, but I learned so many ways the body works naturally.  We feel so much more prepared because of these classes!”  

– Lori & Danny