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Guess who’s hereeeee! Michelle I cant thank you enough. This guy was 10lbs and 9oz and in labor with him I definitely had to focus on relaxing tense spots like you taught us and picture nice island beaches and waves. Also all the learning to tilt pelvic area different ways definitely helped. 💜 Thank you so much – Johnna

Friends!!! You have to check out Michelle Inciong Wenis’s virtual yoga classes! I’ve had the pleasure of working with her while pregnant with both babies and she’s the absolute best. I just tried her SoulMama yoga last night and it was everything I needed to stretch, re-center and chill out! Thanks again Michelle!!! – Alyson

It’s been harder finding time to connect with this baby. Most of my attention has been on Scarlet but once a week I do a virtual prenatal yoga class with Michelle and a few other moms. It makes a HUGE difference in my mobility and how I feel overall but the best part is the time it gives me to just relax and be with my little love ❤️  If any expecting Momma’s are interested, this woman is amazing. She’s a seasoned labor coach and gives helpful birthing advice during classes. Her words of wisdom got me through my first labor. Thank you, Michelle! – April

Virtual Prenatal Yoga with Michelle Inciong Wenis has been amazing!!! Expectant mommies, I can’t recommend it enough. Message her to get connected to the group! ❤️   –  Leslie

We absolutely felt that there were benefits to taking the classes.  I think the most helpful piece is now having the knowledge to recognize the signs and stages of labor as well as the importance of staying calm and relaxed throughout the whole process.  Before the classes, I had little to no understanding of what to expect in labor and delivery and feel I have a much better grasp on what may happen and what is potentially beneficial for me.  Initially, we felt that what we wanted to do the class in person, however, after doing just the first class online, we were surprised by how happy we were with the virtual option.  It was so nice to be able to do it from home, in pajamas, without having to worry about weather conditions or travel time.  It was signnificantly more convenient for us.  After our baby’s birth, I would be most interested in participating in a mommy and me class led by Michelle! – A & P  

 HANDS DOWN BEST MOMMY & BABY PROGRAM EVER!!!  C and I enjoyed ourselves so much… you rock Michelle Inciong Wenis!!!- Emanuela

Through 3 pregnancies, including twins, it was my safe me place… Just me and my babies in peace without the rest of the world pressing in! Loved the space Michelle Inciong Wenis created! – Freya

… you’ll love it, Michelle Inciong Wenis is amazing and a friend of mine. I took yoga with her also! – Helena

“I had a very joyful and healthy pregnancy. Thanks to your classes, I was in good shape, great spirits and had an easy labor and delivery. I truly believe those wonderful sessions made a big difference in my pregnancy and my overall outlook on motherhood. I have been raving about your classes to everybody I know. Thanks, Michelle, from the bottom of my heart.”

“The Bradley Method® helped prepare me for a healthy pregnancy… and to cope with the pain of a natural labor. Although I ended up needing a c-section, the techniques we learned also helped to cope with the discomforts of surgery.”

“Michelle’s Bradley® class was a great preparation for the natural birth of our first son. We both felt that Michelle and Erich provided us with all the information and emotional support that we needed in order to make good decisions about our birth plan and to feel happy and relaxed about the upcoming birth. We highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn as much as possible about the birthing process and who is trying to achieve a natural birth.”

“Daniela Elizabeth’s Natural Birth on August 11, 2012 I was very afraid to think about having to deal with natural labor because I believed that my body was not able to handle or deal with pain. Thinking of the impossibility of having my baby naturally continued to be on my mind and I started to contemplate having a c-section which I thought would be easier, and less painful right? My husband and I decided to have a baby and I was not too sure how I wanted my delivery to be. I heard about the Bradley method from my two friends who had natural deliveries and they highly recommended to me. I began to do research about the Bradley method. After reading about it and discussing with my friends I learned that it was designed to prepare my husband and I to have a natural delivery. I decided to challenge my fear and take the twelve classes with my husband. I just wanted to give myself an opportunity to have a natural delivery. Why not? My husband and I decided to give it a shot!!!  We certainly felt much more confidant about delivering naturally after each and every class.

My labor began the night of August 10th with very mild contractions. The Bradley Method taught us to check my emotions, physical, behavior and the contractions to make decisions about the labor stage. I was in the beginning stage of labor because I was excited and ready to have our baby. I told my husband, “I think I am in labor already.” I decided to go to bed and rest at 10:30 PM with mild contractions. I was not absolutely sure that I was in labor but thought I was. My water never broke so I didn’t have that sign to confirm this was actual labor and not Braxton Hicks contractions.

Around 11:45 PM my contractions started to get more intense. I made a decision to just relax and hum, and say “duh” as the Bradley book suggested. This relaxation technique helped me tremendously during contractions. My husband woke up when I was humming and he began to record the duration of my contractions. My contractions were 8 minutes apart. I tried to sleep but my contractions were waking me up. I decided to stay lying down in bed with a pillow between my legs for most of the night. My contractions were lasting for a minute and the duration was between 7 and 6 minutes. I told my husband to call my doctor and let them know that my contractions were 7 to 6 minutes apart. I spoke to my doctor who was on shift that night and she told me that if my contractions were 6 to 5 minutes apart I should come in to the hospital to be checked. Around 4:00 A.M. my contractions were 6 minutes apart and I had bled the night before so we decided to get ready to go to the hospital. I decided to take a shower and get ready. We left the house at 4:20 am.  I lay down with my pillow between my legs on the back seat of the car and I was prompting my husband when my contractions arrived so that he could continue to record their length and duration.

We arrived at the hospital at 4:45 A.M. and proceeded to the labor and maternity floor of the hospital. The nurse was expecting us and prompted us to go to the room where they monitored the heartbeat of the baby and my contractions. After 45 minutes of monitoring, my assigned doctor examined my cervix and she said that I dilated 7 cm already. We were amazed of how much I dilated.  A week before I had found out I was 3 cm dilated even before labor began. Then around 7:15 am I was admitted to the labor room. My doula (labor coach) arrived and she was very helpful and knowledgeable about the Bradley method and techniques to help me to have a natural labor. She had everything I needed it. My husband was so helpful and wonderful. He implemented the techniques and knowledge he learned in our Bradley class. My mother was amazed how well I was dealing with my contractions. My labor team including the medical team were also amazed that I was smiling between contractions. I was very relaxed because I knew what to expect of a natural labor.  I felt so blessed to have my mother, my husband and my doula, they were all so wonderful! I decided to go to the tub so that I could relax even more. My husband came in to the tub with me to give me messages for my back during my contractions. I brought my relaxing music and my doula had relaxing music as well. Relaxing music, hot water from the tub and messages helped me very much! The nurse told me that I have to step outside the tub because she had to place the monitor to continue to check on the baby’s heartbeat. I had to lie down so that they could get an accurate monitoring. My husband and doula were giving me water and giving me messages on my back. It felt very good! I continued to relax throughout my contractions.

At 9:20 A.M., the doctor examined my cervix and I was already 10 cm. of dilation. Wow I said I am having the baby very soon!!!! I requested for the ball, and the squatting bar to begin to push because my contraction were coming very often. I was amazed on how my body was telling me what to do next.  The more I seemed to push, the less contractions I had. The nurse brought me the squatting bar that was attached to the bed. I began to use the bar by the bed and sitting up with my legs up. My labor team helped me to hold my legs up which helped a lot! I rested and took naps in between contractions. It was all very exhausting and towards the end I felt my baby’s head and was able to reach out and touch the head of my baby girl , Daniela. It was amazing knowing that I was about to meet her and hold her. I remembered that I just surrendered to the Lord to give me the strength to continue to push. “I just surrendered.” I heard the doctor saying, “Wow, the baby is almost out and we will have a birthday soon.” I was still pushing and I was so happy that my baby girl was going to be born soon!!! At 11:02 am Daniela Elizabeth came to my arms and it was so wonderful to feel her and kiss her. Wow, I thought, our little baby girl is here and I am doing very well. We praised God for the blessing! After a few minutes my doula gave me orange juice and I had time with the baby.

I was transferred to my postpartum room after 2 hours. I felt very well and I was able to walk to go to the bathroom, and around the room. Both days I stayed in the hospital I felt very good!!!! My husband and I were glad that we took Bradley method because it prepared us to have a natural birth and teach what to expect which gave us the confidence as well! I highly encourage all moms to give yourselves the opportunity to have a natural birth.”

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