DISCLAIMER ON THIS VIDEO:  I am super annoying playing with Dean, but I couldn’t help myself.  I’m sorry for the distraction!  Focus on Brittni, if you can!  🙂

Guess who’s hereeeee! Michelle I cant thank you enough. This guy was 10lbs and 9oz and in labor with him I definitely had to focus on relaxing tense spots like you taught us and picture nice island beaches and waves. Also all the learning to tilt pelvic area different ways definitely helped. 💜 Thank you so much – Johnna

Friends!!! You have to check out Michelle Inciong Wenis’s virtual yoga classes! I’ve had the pleasure of working with her while pregnant with both babies and she’s the absolute best. I just tried her SoulMama yoga last night and it was everything I needed to stretch, re-center and chill out! Thanks again Michelle!!! – Alyson

It’s been harder finding time to connect with this baby. Most of my attention has been on Scarlet but once a week I do a virtual prenatal yoga class with Michelle and a few other moms. It makes a HUGE difference in my mobility and how I feel overall but the best part is the time it gives me to just relax and be with my little love ❤️  If any expecting Momma’s are interested, this woman is amazing. She’s a seasoned labor coach and gives helpful birthing advice during classes. Her words of wisdom got me through my first labor. Thank you, Michelle! – April

Virtual Prenatal Yoga with Michelle Inciong Wenis has been amazing!!! Expectant mommies, I can’t recommend it enough. Message her to get connected to the group! ❤️   –  Leslie

We absolutely felt that there were benefits to taking the classes.  I think the most helpful piece is now having the knowledge to recognize the signs and stages of labor as well as the importance of staying calm and relaxed throughout the whole process.  Before the classes, I had little to no understanding of what to expect in labor and delivery and feel I have a much better grasp on what may happen and what is potentially beneficial for me.  Initially, we felt that what we wanted to do the class in person, however, after doing just the first class online, we were surprised by how happy we were with the virtual option.  It was so nice to be able to do it from home, in pajamas, without having to worry about weather conditions or travel time.  It was signnificantly more convenient for us.  After our baby’s birth, I would be most interested in participating in a mommy and me class led by Michelle! – A & P  

 HANDS DOWN BEST MOMMY & BABY PROGRAM EVER!!!  C and I enjoyed ourselves so much… you rock Michelle Inciong Wenis!!!- Emanuela

Through 3 pregnancies, including twins, it was my safe me place… Just me and my babies in peace without the rest of the world pressing in! Loved the space Michelle Inciong Wenis created! – Freya

… you’ll love it, Michelle Inciong Wenis is amazing and a friend of mine. I took yoga with her also! – Helena