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Michelle began teaching Prenatal Yoga and Dr. Robert Bradley’s natural childbirth method with her husband, Erich, as co-teacher, to mamas to be, their partners and support folk, as of 2004.  Shortly after, she brought in Baby & Me Yoga and, as her clients’ children aged out from crawlers, to toddlers, to big kids, she created classes to accommodate that growth, all the way through pre-school.  More recently, she taught children’s yoga through age 10 at Pomperaug Elementary School in Southbury, and through age 12, at Workspace Education in Bethel.

Her classes have always been fueled by her passion for “nurturing the nurturer” and the attachment parenting philosophy of building strong parent and child bonds.

She took her 200-hour Yoga teacher training via Lara Ward’s Lotus Gardens Yoga School, Prenatal Yoga training with doula and author Rose St. John Bergen, author of Fathers at Birth, and was trained in Children’s Yoga by Shari Vilchez-Blat at Karma Kids Yoga in NYC.

She and her husband have supported hundreds of mothers, couples and their families in private classes, group settings, whether in person, or online, and, while she closed studio doors, she currently teaches virtual classes with similar satisfaction results from her clients.


Over the years, she incorporated a 21 song children’s album she wrote, sang and recorded with Music Producer and Composer, Barry Hartglass, into her Baby & Me classes which she transformed into the “LITTLEseed Program® – a music and movement program prenatal through early childhood.”  She also has an instrumental version of some of those songs in an album that has not yet been published, though, if you have taken Prenatal Yoga with her, you have had access to it in class.

Lastly, she wrote a song for her father, which she hopes all fathers can listen to.  It’s also a song for daughters to reminisce to.  Check out OUR MUSIC page for more info.


In March 2017, all in Michelle’s world stopped with a breast cancer diagnosis.  She took the time to be treated and to recover from a 13 hour double mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstructive surgery in May of that year, and is grateful for each and every breath since.  While in recovery, she threw herself into creating YouTube videos to help support other breast cancer sisters navigate this very unique, individual, whirlwind experience as lovingthroughthepink.  Her pause from teaching yoga and childbirth over that time became an absolute opportunity for her to grow in very specific areas of her life.  During that time, she trained to become a Music Together teacher and is on staff at Soulshine Arts in Middlebury, CT.  Most important to her is her faith journey, throughout, and she is happy to share about this any time anyone asks about this life altering experience for her.

Once an avid blogger, Michelle continues to write more songs than prose these days, and loves to tool around and explore different music on her own and with her current band, Geez Louise.  She’s revisiting songs she co-wrote with former bands OnALark and Imperial Boxtruck.  You’ll often find her with her ukelele, or, trying to harrass her now teenaged children to join her on short or long walks.  Beyond the loving home she shares with her family, she is happiest connecting with the various communities she belongs to, offering and receiving support on this lifelong walk on the earth as woman, wife, mother, daughter and friend.

To connect with Michelle, you can find her on FB under Michelle Inciong Wenis or Instagram via lovingthroughthepink.

Our Mission at LITTLEseed® Program:

Birth & Bonding Made Simple

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