Everything Calm Music for Sleep & Play Album at Woodbury Earth Day 4/22 11 – 4pm


Look what bonus song has snuck into this newly pressed album!!!

What album? Oh you know, that “How We Grow – LITTLEseed Program Songs” one that has helped so many of you put your little ones to sleep, get them nice and ready for bath time, calm time, play time, and this routine or that. The one that especially puts a smile on their face when they’re fussing and sometimes helps them find instant calm, with just the first few notes of “Tick Tock.”

We have a limited number of this “Everything Calm Music for Sleep & Play” pressing. It comes with the bonus track “Far Away – A Daughters Song for Her Dad.”

Pick it up at the Celebrate Earth Day Rate of only $15 as part of your next baby shower or birthday gift. Or, get your orders in, at our table at the annual Woodbury Earth Day Celebration tomorrow, from 11-4pm!

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Pomperaug Water Shed Coalition.


#LITTLEseedLife, #EverythingCalm, #MusicforSleepandPlay

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