Clothing Is Good

I was in the city the other day and a father and daughter were walking in front of me.  She was in tiny tiny jean shorts and we could see more than necessary.  I wasn’t trying to be critical, but I saw what I saw.

It made me sad.

When did lack of discretion mean power to and more repect for us women?

Expressing ourselves, our individuality and creativity is wonderful.  I think we need more of it.

But when I see such a public display I wonder, what is left that is sacred for a young woman, especially that young?

There is power too in the secrets reserved just for ourselves, or, with someone who adores us for all the right and complete reasons, and, honestly, behind closed doors.

When the gift is unwrapped and it’s holiday time every day… What is there to look forward to?

And Dad walking with her?  Man… was he her Dad at all, now that I think of it?

I wanted to say to her, “Young lady, you are so much more than your half naked body on display.  You are mind, you are heart, you are strength and you can save your secret places for yourself and still and should be seen and heard, not necessarily billboard style.

I know I sound like an old fashioned geezer, but I say this because you are THAT precious and worth being discovered one beautiful layer at a time.  You don’t have to give it all away on a hot NYC day.

It doesn’t make you seem strong, and beautiful to me because your bottom is hanging out.  Just naked like.”

And how on earth, when we dress like this, can we comfortably sit on a public transport bus or subway seat anyway?  We all sweat everywhere in crammed buses and underground don’t we?  It’s just not all that sanitary.

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