“Loving through the Pink” – Healing Tools

I was looking into the “macrobiotic diet,” after having picked up Meg Wolff’s book on “Becoming Whole” at the Harold Leever Cancer Center in Waterbury, CT.  Wolff is a two time cancer survivor who firmly believes she healed herself with this diet and lifestyle.
I was having a grand old time discovering and rediscovering ingredients which include: whole grains like brown rice, millet, barley, couscous.  I had also never really worked with sea vegetables like wakame & kombu, to name a few.  Of course I was familiar with soy products, however, was excited to try incorporating things like miso paste, tempeh, rather than just the old standby, tofu.  What a satisfactory feeling, to be intentional about carefully selecting, and lovingly preparing nourishment that is so beneficial and to the most detailed degree.
Here’s some more basic information about the diet, from one of my go to online resources:
I found it absolutely fascinating. A diet/lifestyle like this certainly takes effort and intention. I was proud of myself for becoming “obsessed” over something that was actually benefitting vs. harming me. I tend to throw myself completely into whatever projects I have on hand.  I’m happy to say that, this time, the main recipient of the project was a healthier me. That’s progress from a serial neglecter of the self and the self’s needs.   Sound familiar to anyone out there struggling to lover herself/himself for some time now, for whatever reason?  
As much as I enjoyed exploring the diet, I recently learned from some blood tests ordered by my Naturopath, and a visit to the Midwfe, that I have a pretty raging case of candida. This is not surprising, considering all the antibiotics and pain medications I have been on, since my double mastectomy & reconstructive DIEP Flap surgeries, pneumonia complications, a second “clean up” surgery in September, a recurring hematuria (bleeding from the urethra) and UTI infections since May this year.
Since I too am choosing to heal with supplements and diet – especially because I am on the gold standard preventative medication Tamoxifen – I have had to back off of the “macrobiotic diet” and look into a “candida diet.”  I’ve got to get my foundations cleared up, healthy and well balanced again.  I don’t want to host and happpily feed any of these out of control fungi within my body any longer.  It’s time to get my gut back into it’s most idyllic state.  Who knows how long it’s been out of sync, despite all the best efforts to live a healthy enough lifestyle.  
As carbs (that turn into sugar) and fermented foods are avoided while on the “candida diet,” this knocked off much of what was on the “macrobiotic” foods list.  No matter. I have decided to be just as diligent with this diet so, eventually, I can go back onto exploring the fascinating macrobiotic world.  Or, not.  Time will tell.
Meanwhile, in my research efforts, I’m finding there is a lot of discrepancy out there as to what foods should and should not belong on that “candida diet” safe list. Because candida affects OVER 70% of Americans, some unknowingly, I’m sharing my favorite resource so far.
Check it out! There are some creative and safe recipes, as well as easy to read information on this site.  There is also a cookbook available:
Are any of you suffering from candida or, if you look into it, the common sypmtoms?

Kid Humor

I may be the only one who thinks my kid is funny… but it’s my site, so there.

Me: Kiddo, make sure you have your water, please.

Kiddo: Mom, water is for hydration fanatics.

Ba rum pump

Loving through the Pink – God, Oils & Stones

God is the only one who could have gotten me through this. He’s who will help me continue to move through. What about tools that help me appreciate being with Him a little more at some times than others? Here’s a fun way I connect with him through his gifts. Sorry about the quality of the video. But, the message is what I wanted to share more than anything.

One Part of the Chapter is Closed

I should have been elated, right?  It was my last visit with the Reconstructive Surgeon, unless I have worsening issues with my abdominal bulge in the next six months, year… This means, officially, everything that had anything to do with my breast cancer diagnosis and surgeries is over.  Not everyone gets to say that.  It’s over and I got to walk away from it.  Emotions are like roller coasters when it comes to situations like these and you never know how you might feel at any given moment.  It’s OKAY.  Pay attention.  Let yourself feel whatever you feel.  Let it out.  Keep moving forward.