A Simple Man, A Grateful Life

I always think an elaborate plan needs to be in place for special days we all celebrate.  So, what about Father’s Day this year?  I thought, breakfast in bed for him, canoeing, beach, biking…

What did hubby want to do?  Clean out the garage and get to projects he can’t ever get to.  And, burgers on the grill.  And, maybe a bonfire.

They are now playing monopoly, instead of sitting by a fire, while I write a few feet away.  Either way, I just really could learn from this man.  He has mastered enjoying the simple things in life, while appreciating the most precious things about it.  He lives a life in which he treasures and wants to take the time to invest in, not what we could have, but what we do have.

I am a silly silly and fortunate woman.