One Part of the Chapter is Closed

I should have been elated, right?  It was my last visit with the Reconstructive Surgeon, unless I have worsening issues with my abdominal bulge in the next six months, year… This means, officially, everything that had anything to do with my breast cancer diagnosis and surgeries is over.  Not everyone gets to say that.  It’s over and I got to walk away from it.  Emotions are like roller coasters when it comes to situations like these and you never know how you might feel at any given moment.  It’s OKAY.  Pay attention.  Let yourself feel whatever you feel.  Let it out.  Keep moving forward.


I get sad.  Lonely.  Hopeless.  Angry.  Disappointed.  And, at times, for no obvious reasons at all.  It doesn’t last.  I have hope, joy, love and comfort too.  The challenges, the successes and, the little ho hum things in-between, are part of what define me.  All of it.  Not all or nothing.