What’s Your Super Power Source?

Yesterday was a strong day on my feet.  This morning seemed harder again. But what is constant is His strength in me.  Regardless of if I am up or down, with a stronger or weaker body, His Spirit is relentless.  So it is another good day.  
Luckily I’ve learned humility over the years and the importance of relying on tribe, especially in times like this.  Most importantly, I am fueled and comforted by my faith and the love from my God and our family’s closeness to Him.
I know that’s weird to say in this day and age.  Suspect even – if you’re anything like I used to be about this stuff.  But, honestly, I would be pretty disappointed in myself, my body’s ability to stay constantly fueled, my emotions filled, my mind straight, if I had to rely on this hot mess of a person in the recovering everything stage right now.
Blessings to everyone!  Stay victorious, regardless of the circumstances right in front of you.  Day after day.  There is a greater good and we get to be a part of it, as long as there’s breath in our lungs – which I have learned to REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE.
(“Chance” view from my window in recovery at the hospital.  Pretty darned comforting to me.)

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