2 Weeks Post Bilateral Mastectomy & DIEP Flap Reconstructive Surgery

Good morning world!
Two weeks post op update….

  • Her pathology report indicated her 6mm malignant breast cancer nodule was actually 8mm and another 3mm was found, undetected prior by mamo, sono or even MRI so VERY GRATEFUL she decided on full mastectomy in her situation!  Also, everything removed prior to any spreading so no chemo or radiation needed at this time.  Meeting with medical oncologist in a few weeks after some tests on tumor to determine 5-10 year meds.
  • She walks faster, longer, before succumbing to full body fatigue!
  • She walks more upright!
  • She sits at the dining room table!
  • She probably talks too much, straining her voice during the day!
  • She can take stronger back, shoulder, arm and foot hugs!
  • She has one less drain vs. four! (It’s an eow thing, I’ll spare you, or, you can look it up.)
  • She can stand still long enough to brush her teeth without having to lean over the sink for support!
  • She can squat down to wipe watermelon juice off the floor, before the ants attack!
  • She can slowly lean down to pick up and (lightly) throw the ball down the hill at the over joyed, enthusiastically zealous dog!
  • She can load some of the lighter dishes into the dishwasher, leaving most to the rest of the family!
  • She continues to get stronger as she showers with the help of her super hubby Erich Wenis!
  • She can track her own meds!
  • She can heat up some of her own meals!
  • She can milk and track her own drains! (It’s an eow thing, I’ll spare you, or, you can look it up.)
  • She is down to one pain med and an overnight cough suppressant!
  • She can sit at the massage chair vs. the recliner and other various seats!
  • She can almost fully recline to sleep without too much front side discomfort!
  • She can read without blurriness at all from the after effects of the anesthesia and meds.
  • The pulmonologist concluded, other than complications from going in with a  cough prior to surgery, prognosis is good for future – no long term worries for asthma or other pulmonary issues!
  • She can take short calls without wheezing (so, text, FBM still better.)
  • She will be a big girl and let her mom go home a few days to sort some things out before coming back again!
  • Her incisions are more bearable, even despite the coughing fits here and there!
  • She is asking for lots of help from Erich, her boys and receiving help from friends vs. being silly and trying to do things she shouldn’t, so she can continue to recover.
  • She has fallen in love with St. Mary of Waterbury’s ICU and Surgical staff, her oncology team and cannot praise God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit enough for loving her through them.
  • She is grateful, grateful, grateful!

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