From Anxious to Relieved & Better Prepared

Despite my surgery coming up Thursday, Erich and I had the opportunity and pleasure to teach a customized “2 hour private VIRTUAL childbirth class” last night.  We offer 1-10 hour customized instruction, whether in a five week series, workshop or retreat.
The 2 hour session was generously purchased by a friend for a set of friends who felt quite anxious about their upcoming labor.  This is the second time we have seen this very practical and thoughtful gesture presented as a gift to a pregnant couple.  
They admitted at the end of class they were very skeptical at first, that their two hours with us would yield any impactful results, but were very pleased in the end, and commented they felt that much more comfortable to face what is ahead.
Two hours with us and they recounted, “That was so helpful.  You guys are awesome!” I feel good sharing that.  I do wish we could have more time to teach them even more, but we are running out of time.
It truly feels so good to share what we can with each and every couple we encounter.  I can’t wait to get back to this….
For now, one more Everything Calm Prenatal (Yoga + Childbirth Tips) at Flow to Fit Yoga in Southbury at 7pm tonight.
I keep thinking, “One more couple, we can teach one more…” Maybe it helps me to keep life going “as usual.”
Who knows… maybe I’ll have more to report.  For now… we wait.

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