Pray, Sing & Move Together?

Was thrilled to capture this shot, as one of the ladies prayed over us so peacefully.

I wanted to offer a class wherin the chanting, the language, the intention was all about God and Jesus.  There are lots of accessible and very welcoming “me and the universe” themed classes out there, but they have not satisfied that empty space in my yoga practice.  I’m one to fill that space with the Word and time with my Jesus, so, I feel a deep urging, from time to time, by the Holy Spirit to put this together with some like minded and like hearted ladies.

A student coined it “MOVE with the Spirit” and I’ve taught it at St. James Lutheran Church in Southbury, VIRTUALLY and at New Morning Market, Woodbury.  We ask, we seek, we find through communal movement, prayer and worship.  I like taking my God and Jesus outside of my little head and heart world and share with others who have Him to share back with me.  Just a thing of mine.  And not everyone has to get it.  But some of us do.  And where two or three gather in His name, we believe, He is there!


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