Strength Inside Out, Not Reverse

Thank you for those who shared. 

I get what the ad is trying to do and it’s good to make people aware how words can hurt.  We don’t always realize, and this is how good changes happen. 

At the same time, I shouldn’t feel strong because someone else says I am or uses the right words.  I should feel strong because I know it and because I am encouraged to take opportunities that challenge and grow me as a person. 

Strength should come from something solid within us, no matter what people say around us.  I think we care too much about that as is. 

I want my sons, and if I had earthly daughters, to feel strong regardless of others’ words.  People won’t always say nice things and this shouldn’t stop us or them in the least from keeping chins up and knowing how valuable we are, no matter what people think or say about it.

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