Moms vs. Dads vs. Kids and Creamsicles

Dad:  Okay, we have two creamsicles and two chocolate milk popsicles.  Who wants what?  I want a creamsicle.

Kid 1:  Creamsicle!

Kid 2: Creamsicle!

Me:  Nothing for me thanks.  (Thoughts:  Man, that creamsicle sounds good… Boring, chocolate milk popsicle.  Yawn.  I don’t need either.  The kids want the creamsicles, there are only two.  I guess hubby’s getting a chocolate popsicle.)

Dad:  Wait, two creamsicles and three who want it.

Me:  (Thoughts:  This is where he shows them big guys take care of little guys.  Poor guy, I know he wants that creamsicle.  Here it comes…)

Dad:  Ok, rock paper scissors boys!

Me:  (Thoughts:  What?!  How’d he think of that?!  Man, I want that creamsicle!)

Dad:  Sorry!  Looks like Kid 1 and I won.  We each get a creamsicle!

Me:  (Thoughts:  He’s going to eat MY creamsicle!  Grrrrrrr!!)

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